Italian Leather Wallets

Quality, affordable Italian Leather Wallets

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The Best Italian Leather Wallets and Purses




Italian fine leather wallets in a variety of colours, all hand picked.

Designs in the best Italian leather made by qualified crafts people, a must have for everyone who needs to look and feel good at all times.

A selection of cash, credit cards and passport wallets, also a selection using the latest technology to help you take care of your personal information.

Our latest selection guards against identity fraud from contact-less cards and passports, not common yet in the UK yet, but this technology is worth investing in now rather than after it has happened to you.

The best genuine Italian leather has a long reputation for its supple, yet hard wearing nature, designed to be used.


The Venetians are best known for their design and quality. So beware! you are about to view many stylish, leather, Italian items in many different colours you have been warned!